Welcome to Furst MMA

Welcome all to the exciting new times of Furst MMA.

Many of you out there will be growing increasingly frustrated with MMA media's current output. Here at Furst, we agree entirely. The media has become a copy and paste of Twitter opinion, rather than different and unique takes on the sport.

While we don't want to compete with these sites, we want to be an alternative so that even the least dedicated fan can have a place to see the other side.

We will not edit our writer's opinions. They will be held to their own standard. While we will not look to write libellous content, we do want to show we have balls to discuss the bigger promotions, without fear of 'Burning Bridges'.

Furst wants to be the site you first think of with MMA opinion articles. We are not interested in *BREAKING* news and we are not interested in making articles about twitter conversations. We want to show you why MMA is the greatest sport on the earth, while not shying away from the realism.

We hope you'll join us for the ride.


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