Does chaos know something we don't about UFC on ESPN 5?

Written by Moscream

In this piece, I am going to look forward to UFC ESPN 5 this weekend which takes place in Newark, New Jersey. If you glance at the undercard, you can see either a rising contender like Nasrat Haqparast (10-2) or old war horses Jim Miller (30-13-1NC) and Clay Guida (35-18) going at it. However we all know there is one and only draw on this card and that comes in the form of #2 ranked welterweight Colby "Chaos" Covington vs #11 ranked welterweight and former UFC welterweight champion of the world "Ruthless" Robbie Lawler!


With all the bad blood between Colby and current reigning welterweight champion Kamaru Usman as well as more bad blood with the #1 welterweight in the world Tyron Woodley, why would Colby risk losing a potential title fight or title eliminator with Tyron, to go in and fight the Ruthless One? Is it because Uncle Dana is like “Look here son what Uncle Dana says goes" and he just needed a big main event for this card? Or is it because Colby is running out of money and can't just sit out anymore? Both Kamaru and Woodley are both out with current injuries so if he wanted either one of those fights it could possibly be awhile. I believe that it might be a mixture of the two.  


Even if Dana needed a main event for a not so star heavy card and Colby needs to fight because he has been spending money on things like...Well we will leave that there…. Then why would Colby still risk his stature in the welterweight division. I think Chaos knows something we don’t about this fight.

Back in 2014 Lawler was getting ready to fight Johny Hendricks and he needed a southpaw wrestler to spar with. That's where Colby came in to Lawler’s life for the first time, as a training partner and not an opponent. There was no bad blood.

Colby said on the Ariel Helwani show:

"When he was getting ready for Johny Hendricks he needed a southpaw wrestler, and that's exactly what I am. So for both his Johny Hendricks fights I gave him hundreds of rounds of sparring." And when asked how those sparring rounds went he replied with "Come on, Ariel you know I don't kiss and tell."

For what seems such a big risk in all of our eyes, does Colby know something we don't know? Did he really do the ruthless one in during those sparring rounds, or is this just another one of Colby's mind games and tricks?

We are going to see takedown after takedown attempt from Colby and on the other side we are going to see Robbie trying to fight out of the clinch and have to stop 5 to 6 takedown attempts a round. If Robbie can defend the takedowns, will he then have the gas tank to land that KO shot that it will take to beat Colby? In my opinion this only has two outcomes possible, either Colby by decision or Robbie by KO! For what it’s worth, I believe Colby did get the better of Robbie in training and Robbie is 4 years older now with a couple of wars added in for good measure. 

Colby on the flip side has the gas tank to never get tired and he can chain grapple with the best in the division! What is chain grappling you ask? It’s when you shoot for a double leg, cant get it, then you transition to a single leg, then to a body lock and back to the single leg. Colby is always mixing it up with his wrestling I’m not sure if Robbie will be able to deal with that, even though historically Robbie has good takedown defence. Colby is a smart fighter though and isn't just going to let him stand there and swing big bombs. That said, we are talking about “Ruthless” Robbie Lawler!!

It will also be interesting to see the dynamic of each fighter. Colby hasn't fought since June of last year and wasn't active for 10 months before that either, he has had numerous injuries and failed fight negotiations. Colby's last fight however was for the interim title which he won, so his pedigree cannot be questioned.

Lawler, however, fought as recently as March this year, after a 15 month layoff. He lost to Ben Askren in that fight but it wasn't without controversy. Caught in a bulldog choke, the referee seemed to think Lawler's arm had gone limp and called the fight. Robbie immediately protested, but in true Robbie style didn't let it get to him.

What will the long layoffs do to both fighters? Colby has only 5 rounds in 22 months and Robbie only has 1 round in 19 months. Colby is also on a 6 fight winning streak and Robbie has lost 3 of his last 4, even though he looked good in two of those losses. Has age finally got to "Ruthless" or is Colby running in to the wrong old man?


Either way, its going to be one hell of a fight! So be sure to check it out Saturday, Aug 3rd. This is an early card start time; starting at 11am and the main card at 2pm. It's an average card but has a blockbuster main event. I definitely will not be missing it; I will be doing my own Live Fight Companion for the Card! Whatever you do, do not miss this main event. It should be FIREWORKS.


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